Saturday, December 31, 2011

Newt Romney Obama- See if you can tell the difference....

With the Iowa Caucuses right around the corner and the Republican race getting winnowed down to a few candidates, it looks like the GOP choices are going to come the following-

Mitt Romney- Leading the Polls in Iowa and New Hampshire

Newt Gingrich- Leading the Polls in South Carolina and Florida

Ron Paul- Running a strong second in Iowa and in New Hampshire. Plus he has the money and loyal support base to be in this for the long haul.

and Rick Santorum- That's Right- RICK SANTORUM...believe it or not, the evangelicals and social conservatives have finally settled on a candidate and it looks like between Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Santorum, they have settled on Rick. He is currently polling third in Iowa and surging at the right time.

So for conservatives the big question is between Ron Paul (a coo coo bird if there ever was one) and Rick Santorum.

And if you're wondering what's wrong with Newt Romney, I submit to you this quiz.

Click here to see if you can tell the difference between Newt, Romney, and Obama!

This quiz is why I think every conservative out there should rally around the one true conservative left in the Republican race- RICK SANTORUM!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Wrap on the ABC Iowa Debate

A quick look at each candidate and how they performed at tonight’s Iowa Debate courtesy on ABC

Mitt Romney- Couldn’t tell if it was his Fake Tan or if he was just embarrassed after having his hat handed to him by Newt. Despite his best efforts, Mitt seemed uncomfortable, tense, and petty in every case. After hearing his answers on the individual mandate, immigration, and even Middle East relations, it begs the question how is this guy even at 25 percent in the polls? It appears that his strategy of winning by not losing has hit a bit of a speed bump named Newt Gingrich. Also placing a $10,000 bet on stage doesn’t help your “Gordon Gekko” like image.

Newt Gingrich- What can I say about Newt’s performance tonight- Bombastic, Brazen, Bold, take your pick. Newt delivered some great answers particularly when it came to the Middle East and his correct assertions that the Palestinians are an “invented people” and his marital problems in the past. Despite some weak moments like his continued attempts to paint illegal immigrants as anything other than lawbreakers, he had a strong performance tonight, and none of the other candidates were able to lay a glove on him. It’s obvious when it comes to intellectual aerobics Newt is head and shoulders above the rest.

That being said, the Tea Party should remember how quick Newt is to throw them under the bus (Paging Paul Ryan.) Newt has been a climate change advocate, a cap and trade supporter, a supporter of the individual mandate, a TARP supporter, a lobbyist, worked for Freddie Mac, and is the ultimate Washinton insider. Sure he’s a great speaker and wonderful debater, but so was OBAMA and see where that got us!

Rick Perry- Rick Perry continues to be on the rise! He looked great again tonight, avoided any “oops” moments, and had some great exchanges with Romney where he clearly exposed Willard’s biggest vulnerabilities and got the best of him. He still has some issues on immigration, but compared to the false conservatism of Newt and Mitt he looks like Barry Goldwater! The biggest question, is it too little too late?

Ron Paul- The one guy in the room who is equal parts libertarian genius, and crazy man. When it comes to the Federal Reserve and Government over-reach he is usually the only guy on stage that truly “gets it.” When it comes to foreign policy, the Middle East, and his isolationist policies, you just know in your gut that Ron Paul shouldn’t be taking any 3 am phone calls. Tonight was more of the same, but look out because he has fervent supporters and is currently running 3rd in Iowa. He’s got a better ground game than Newt and more enthusiasm than Mitt. Could we be looking at a surprise Iowa Caucus winner?

Michelle Bachmann- Another strong performance! She is clearly the most conservative candidate in the race, especially when compared to “Newt Romney” as she put it. If the Tea Party was serious about shaking up Washington and putting someone in the White House who represented our interest, we would all unite behind Michelle. Iowa, we’re looking at you!

Rick Santorum- Great guy…still just something about him that leaves one uninspired. He continues to give himself far too much credit for his short period of time in the Senate, but overall he had a good performance tonight, not as strong as Michelle Bachmann’s, but a good night.

Overall Take:

After watching Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney turn verbal somersaults all night long I was struck by 3 things-

1) There was enough Flip Flopping on the stage tonight from Newt Romney to give John Kerry pause.

2) Are Newt and Mitt really the best the GOP has to offer?

3) If you’re looking for a true conservative there are only 3 choices left, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, and Ron Paul. And Ron Paul is clearly senile, so take your pick between the other two.

Finally, if you enjoyed watching the GOP Debate tonight, you will absolutely love the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show! Watch as Les Dowrey takes on the Animal Rights Group, PAMA, and shows how stupid animal rights activists really are! Plus unlike the GOP Debate, it’s only 5 minutes long, not 2 hours!

Watch the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show here!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Wrap on the CNN Debate

The Wrap on the CNN Debate

by Les Dowrey

A quick look at each candidate and how they performed at tonight’s National Security Debate courtesy of CNN and the Heritage Foundation.

Mitt Romney- Dammit! I hate to admit it, but Mitt Romney did very well tonight. His strategy of winning by not losing seems to be working. I have to keep telling myself that Obama was a good politician too, and look how that worked out! I still can’t see why the other GOP candidates haven’t taken more swings at the Front runner. I guess they are saving up all the attacks for Obama in the General, because unfortunately, right now…it looks like Romney is the guy.

Newt Gingrich- If you have ever wondered why Newt’s head is so big- tonight you know…It’s because of his HUGE BRAIN! Newt did awesome tonight…that was until he had a Rick Perry “heartless” moment and wrapped his arms around amnesty for illegal immigrants. Even going so far as calling illegal immigrants “Law abiding citizens.” C’Mon Newt! It was great until then.

Rick Perry- Could Rick Perry be back on the rise? If tonight’s debate was any indication you could be looking at the Iowa Caucus winner. Looked and felt like the Rick Perry conservatives fell in love with. He almost avoided the amnesty entanglement that Newt fell into, but for some reason decided to dive head in when given the opportunity. Amnesty is still Rick Perry’s Achilles heel. At one point, I felt that Newt and Rick should have been wearing sombreros! If he can stay away from that issue, you’re looking at a guy that could still beat Romney!

Herman Cain- Didn’t get enough air time or questions. Handled himself well and avoided any “Libya” moments, but obviously the economy is his thing. Probably the first and only debate he got through without mentioning his 9-9-9 plan. Can’t wait to see him when they get back to the economy debates!

Ron Paul- Ever wonder what Ron Paul was smoking before his debates? Well after his “Legalize it” answer we now know. I honestly don’t know how one guy can be so awesome on fiscal policy and so insane foreign policy. A true split personality that truly makes me wish for a Rand Paul candidacy!

Jon Huntsman- Being that I have no idea why this guy is still in the race at all, I have to give him credit for seeming relevant tonight. That is probably the best compliment I can give him. His “nation building” comments came across as more Michael Moore than Ronald Reagan, and his China love is still a little creepy.

Michelle Bachmann- Should seriously get a second look from the conservative base. A strong performance tonight, and unlike some of the other candidates she stayed focused on the main problem with the country- Barack Hussein Obama! Iowa, do yourself a favor, and take a good strong look at this lady one more time!

Rick Santorum- On paper, every conservative should love this guy, but something about him in debates is just annoying. As always, he came across as whiny, desperate, and dramatically over-stating his Senate career. Either way, he is a still a good guy with no chance of winning the nomination. Conservatives should really look at Bachmann and Cain as conservative alternatives with real potential!

Wolf Blitzer- Receives the douche bag of the night award for multiple awkward moments that included a horribly delivered joke about his name, an long uncomfortable silence during a technical difficulty, and referring to Herman Cain as “Congressman.” All that being said, he is head and shoulders above Scott Pelley or that Witch of a woman Maria Bartiromo.

National Anthem Guy- I know it was a debate, but can we all agree that the guy from Jersey Boys did the Broadway show no favors with his delivery of the Star Spangled Banner tonight? Can you say FLAT?

Finally, if you enjoyed watching the GOP Debate tonight, you will absolutely love the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show! Watch as Les Dowrey takes on the Animal Rights Group, PAMA, and shows how stupid animal rights activists really are! Plus unlike the GOP Debate, it’s only 5 minutes long, not 2 hours!

Watch the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show here!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Episode Synopsis of the new conservative cartoon, The Les Dowrey Show

After proving how worthless foreign aid to Africa was, and teaching them how to fish instead of giving them a fish, Les Dowrey continues to fight the powers of liberalism wherever they may be, which has led him to the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City.

While broadcasting live from the middle of Zuccotti Park, Les Dowrey interviews several of the senseless protestors, only to discover that there is much more than meets the eye at Occupy Wall Street. The protestors are actually an army of unemployed Zombies.

With the help of his faithful sidekick, Captain Sully Sullenberger, and his trusted pet Bald Eagle, Gipper, Les Dowrey rounds up the Occupy Wall Street Protestors and takes them to the one place where there are no brains to eat…The Democrat National Convention.

Surprisingly, the zombies are embraced by the Democrats because after all, Dead people have been voting for them for years…they are just glad that they’ve decided to finally join them at the DNC. While at the new Zombie-filled convention, the Democrats get ready for their keynote speaker Nancy Pelosi, but is it really Nancy Pelosi or just another zombie? It’s really hard to tell…have you seen Nancy Pelosi!
And just like that, once again Les Dowrey saves the day with a good old fashioned conservative solution!

If you haven’t seen the latest episode of the show, be sure to check out the second episode of the Les Dowrey show here!

And if you haven’t seen the first episode of the show yet, be sure to watch Episode 1: Les Dowrey Goes to Africa here!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Mr. Cain Should Say

By Les Dowrey (A Proud Cainiac)

If you’re a Herman Cain fan, or as I’ve heard some people say a self-described Cainiac, you know it’s been a hard week for our beloved Hermanator. To make matters worse, Mr. Cain’s response to the quote-unquote “sexual harassment” charges has not been exactly cogent or consistent. With all that being said, make no mistake about it, all of us in the Herman Cain movement know a few things to be true.

First, Herman Cain is still the best contrast to Obama the GOP has, and truly might be the Tea Party’s last chance to stop a Mitt Romney nomination. Secondly, because Mr. Cain’s support comes from a true citizen’s movement and not from the establishment, Herman Cain represents a true threat to both the Democrat and Republican parties. Thirdly, the real reason that Mr. Cain’s response has been a bit muddled is because unlike all the other politicians in the race, Herman Cain is just an average American without a rapid response team or a political answer to every question. He hasn’t poll tested every response he can give, he doesn’t have a team of hired professional consultants who can go out on every talk show as surrogates defending him, and he doesn’t have anyone else telling him what to wear, how to think, or what his position should be on the issues. Herman Cain is just Herman Cain, and that’s why he still has the support he has, and it’s also why the media wants to take him down so badly.

Make no mistake about it, this attack on Herman Cain was perpetrated by Republican establishment figures (read Rick Perry and Mitt Romney), The Media, and the Democrat Party (read Rahm Emanuel) who have teamed up to stop this “outsider” and “interloper” from messing with their shell game. You really think the establishment cares that much if it’s a Romney, Perry, or Obama administration? I can assure you that each one of those presidencies would be more of the same!

Now with all that being said, I know the debate on November 9th is coming, and despite his desire to get “back on message” Herman Cain will still need a clear consistent answer he can deliver every time he is asked, and that’s something he just doesn’t have yet. Since the “Smoking Man” seems to be his only real adviser, and since Herman Cain seems more interested in what the people think, I present to you (in my humble opinion), what that answer should be.

“I know the past few weeks, there has been a lot said about me. I also know and admit that at times my answers and my responses were not as clear as they should have been, but let me tell you why. Like you’ve heard me say before, I got into this race for my grandkids, and I’m still in this race for them. I am not a politician, I have never been elected to public office, and I am damn proud of that fact. I am just a businessman. That is it. I have spent my life coming up with solutions and helping businesses solve their problems and grow. That is the experience I bring to the table and that is what I want to do for this country. I don’t have a rapid response team with a perfectly polled answer for everything. I don’t have a staff of highly paid political consultants whose job all day is to deflect, defend, and ensure that at the end of the day I stand for nothing else than being electable, and most importantly I don’t have a long list of big money donors who I have made promises to that I can’t keep. I am just a regular guy, who is innocent as charged, and who thinks he has a few common sense solutions that could help the United States once again become that shining city on a hill. Currently our military is engaged in three different conflicts around the world, our economy is slipping into another recession, and our deficit is growing at such a fast pace that there seriously may not be a United States of America in existence for our kids and grandkids. Don’t you think there are more important things to worry about than baseless accusations against Herman Cain? Because I sure do.”

I know I’m not a highly trained speechwriter with a degree in Political Science, but I have been thinking about this ever since the Politico hatchet job came out last week. This is also just one man’s opinion, but I really feel like this is the answer Herman Cain needs to give from here on out. If you know of someone involved in the Herman Cain campaign, please pass this along. And if you are a Herman Cain fan, please continue to support this great man and his campaign. The media is counting on you giving up on him, and if you do…they win!

Speaking of support, I recently launched a conservative cartoon called The Les Dowrey Show and we could use your support! If you haven’t done so please take a moment to watch the latest episode of the Les Dowrey show and give us your feedback!” It involves Occupy Wall Street and a Zombie Nancy Pelosi. What else do you need to know?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Race Card

Out of all the possible reactions to the new conservative cartoon, “The Les Dowrey Show,” there is one thing that I never saw coming- the race card. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s the liberal’s favorite trump card to play for anything and everything, but never in my wildest imaginations did I think I would be called a racist. Then again, imagine how Herman Cain must feel.

In the second episode of the show, Les Dowrey goes to the scene of the occupy Wall Street protests only to discover the stinky unemployed hippy protest is really a zombie outbreak. To save the world from the Zombies, Les Dowrey takes them to the one place where they are guaranteed not find any brains to eat- The Democratic National Convention. Think about all the possible reactions you could have to that episode… “That’s ridiculous!”…. “The protestors are too lazy to even be Zombies!”…. “Zombies smell better!”…Those are the reactions I assumed I would get, but no…leave it to some wild-eyed liberal to write me the following e-mail:

“To Whom It May Concern,

I was appalled today when I saw your show on Youtube. At first what seemed like innocent conservative psycho-babble, quickly turned into a vile minstrel show depicting our dear President, Barack Obama, as some sort of Big Lipped, Big Eared Aunt Jemima look-a-like that would make the likes of Republicans leaders like David Duke and Jesse Helms proud! You might as well have given him big red lips and a sign that said ‘Porch Monkey’ on it.

On top of your incredibly racist depiction of the President, it seems like in every episode of your new so-called Tea Party Cartoon, the progressives and liberal characters are given an effete and stereo typical ‘homosexual’ voice. What are you trying to say with this? First, not every Liberal is a homosexual, and secondly, even if they were- what’s the big deal?

Between the racism and homophobia, it is obvious that you are as narrow and close-minded as the Tea Party you claim to represent!”

Can you believe that e-mail? It’s unbelievable to me how quickly the liberals will play the race card, or attack the Tea Party as being homophobic or racist. Even crazier, they stand side-by-side with the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is obviously anti-semitic! It just goes to show you that liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds.

With that being said, I invite you to watch the Les Dowrey Show for yourself and see what you think.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Simple Protest or Zombie Attack?

A big thank you to all the conservatives and tea party members who supported the first episode of my new conservative cartoon, “The Les Dowrey Show.” After losing my talk radio job when my Midwestern station was purchased by a Spanish broadcasting group, I did not know what to do, but with the encouragement of many friends, family members, and fellow conservatives I spent several months developing the Tea Party’s answer to cartoons like Family Guy and South Park.

With that being said, I proudly present to you episode 2 of the Les Dowrey show. In this episode Les Dowrey decides to take on the Occupy Wall Street protestors, only to find out there is more to the unemployed mobs than meets the eye. Watch what happens when Les takes them on and ends up at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Needless to say it involves a Zombie Nancy Pelosi.

My family here at Free Republic has become very important to me as I have tried to deal with the job loss, and begin a new life, so I would appreciate any comments and thoughts that you might have on the show.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Preamble to a New Les Dowrey Life

Gone.  Everything was Gone.  After spending the past three years talking about victims of the Obama depression, I had become one.   Ever so slowly I watched as the local small business owners in my small mid-western town, crushed by over-taxation and burdensome regulation, had to shutter their doors one by one.  And as the local business owners began to vanish, so did the advertising dollars.  It wasn’t long before our independently owned, all-American, news talk station was purchased by a large company out of Mexico City.   My midday conservative talk show, Virtues and Values with Les Dowrey was replaced by Cumbia and Reggaeton music.  One more American job gone.

So there I was…jobless, penniless, and without healthcare.  What was I to do?  Should I file for unemployment, pretend to be disabled, stand in a line and wait for my Obama dollars to come through?  No….this is the time that separates the men from the boys, that separates Americans from Europeans.  It was time to pull myself up by bootstraps and get to work.

After searching far and wide for a new home for the Virtues and Values show it became quite obvious that every radio station in the country was having the same problem.   Companies just weren’t hiring, and so it was up to me to blaze my own trail.  Comforted by the thoughts of entrepreneurs who had previously been in my shoes, like Walt Disney, Sam Walton, and Andrew Carnegie, I pressed on, looking for that one good idea that was uniquely Les. 

That one good idea turned out to be the first conservative Tea Party cartoon.  Think of Family Guy, but from a conservative perspective…and the whole family can watch it!  For the past several months I’ve been hard at work assembling a team of conservative animators and writers and am proud to introduce to you the pilot episode of the “Les Dowrey Show.” 


Saturday, March 26, 2011

It worked! Herman Cain appears on the Factor less than 5 days after Les Dowrey writes Open Letter to Bill O'Reilly!

Thanks to everyone who signed the lettter to Bill O'Reilly!  This could not have happened without you!


Monday, March 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly

Dear Bill O’Reilly,

I am writing you this letter because you are in the unique position of being able to boost the profile of the single-most-conservative candidate in the Republican nomination process.  It is already the Spring of 2011, and with an election less than two years away and counting, lines are being drawn and primary voters are picking their sides.  By this time in the 2008 Presidential race John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama had all announced their run for the top spot in the White House, so for all those in the media (this includes you Bill) still holding their breath for a Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, or Chris Christie to swoop in and run for the nomination, it’s time to stop speculating about potential candidates and start paying attention to the real candidates running, which brings me to Herman Cain. 

In January of this year, I noticed Mr. Cain was gaining steam among the Republican base when he easily beat out Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, Mitch Daniels, and Newt Gingrich in a New Hampshire straw poll.  Most recently, he was invited to speak at a Tea Party Patriot gathering in Phoenix, where he won their presidential straw poll.   Not only does he continue to outperform the media’s expectations, but his message has really struck a chord with the Tea Party, who will decide the next election without a doubt. 

As a Tea Party member, a successful businessman, and a true conservative to boot, Herman Cain brings to the table a flawless conservative candidate who doesn’t carry the baggage of a Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, or Mitt Romney.  As if that weren’t enough, he is widely credited with helping bring down Hillary-Care in the 90’s when he confronted President Clinton in a town hall meeting that was broadcast on national television.   If it had not been for Herman Cain, health care would have been forced on the American public long before President Obama thought about running for President.  If there’s one issue that will dominate the 2012 election it is Healthcare and Herman Cain has the ability to win that debate. 

With grassroots support and a message that is catching fire among the base, the only thing between Herman Cain, the long-shot GOP candidate, and Herman Cain, Republican Party front-runner, is the media boosting his profile, which is where the O’Reilly Factor comes into play.  As the number one cable news show with a nightly audience in the millions, an in-depth interview on your program would thrust Herman Cain into the spotlight in such a way that he could no longer be ignored by the national media.   Plus with a message like, “Stupid people are ruining America” you gotta’ agree with the guy, right Bill?  Do America a favor, and have Herman Cain on the Factor!


Les Dowrey

To Add your name to this letter:  leave a comment below or send us an e-mail to:

Also signed by:

Sandra Dameron
Tehachapi, CA

David B. Jackson
Dundee, Oregon

Sam Owens
Ocean Springs, MS

Kenny Martsolf
Celina, Ohio 

Bob Nusbaum
Pittsburgh, PA  

Jen Isbell
Traverse City, MI

Politico writes about Les Dowrey's interview with Governor Huckabee!

Everyone's talking about my interview with Mike Huckabee, even Politico!  Check out this great article from Juana Summers on, where she covers the interview and what Governor Huckabee had to say about Herman Cain!

Huck likes The Hermanator


Mike Huckabee says he could end up in Herman Cain's corner.  “I like Herman a lot," Huckabee told a Kansas radio station Wednesday. "He and I are both big believers in the fair tax. Herman is a strong, free market guy, he’s a pro-life guy. I don't know of any issue on which he and I disagree."

Huckabee's comments " Huckabee to Les Dowrey of the Virtues and Values show came during his swing through the heartland to promote his latest book, "A Simple Government." While Huckabee said he likes Cain's positions, he also offered a little advice for the Atlanta businessman, so far the only presidential hopeful to launch an official exploratory committee.

"Raise more money than the other people, and that's the hard part," Huckabee said, alluding to his 2008 bid for the GOP nomination. "I found I was up against millions of dollars that people would spend money just to attack me. If I didn't have a good treasury, then I wasn't able to respond to those charges."  Asked if Herman Cain would get his vote, Huckabee stopped short of an endorsement.  "Of all the people that are being talked about, Herman Cain is certainly a great guy who I could support," he said."

Monday, February 28, 2011

Virtues and Values Exclusive! Les Dowrey and Mike Huckabee talk Herman Cain!

Huckabee's a Herman Cain Fan!
Highest Polling Republican Has Nothing But Praise for Longshot Candidate Herman Cain

by Les Dowrey

Earlier today, Mike Huckabee joined me on my radio show to promote his new book, "A Simple Government," and while I know there are many of you that would have preferred I take a much more confrontational approach, I decided to keep it cordial and ask his thoughts on my favorite GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.  I had written about Cain in my previous article, "Raising Cain: The Untold Story of the GOP's last best hope, Herman Cain," and was pleasantly surprised by all the other Pro-Cain supporters out there.  I thought since Huckabee himself had been a longshot candidate who very few took seriously when he first started campaigning for President that he would have a unique perspective on Mr. Cain.

As it turns out Huckabee had nothing but praise for Cain. “I like Herman a lot.  He and I are both big believers in the fair tax.  Herman is a strong free market guy, he’s a pro-life guy, he’s a terrific human being,” said Huckabee.  When I continued and pressed further to see if he would support Cain for President he replied, "“Of all the people that are being talked about Herman Cain is certainly a great guy who I could support.”

Those are strong words coming from the highest polling potential GOP candidate, about the person seen as least likely to win the GOP nomination, and just one more reason that Herman Cain has more support than anyone gives him credit for. 

Listen to the full interview below:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shut This Government Down, Please!

By Les Dowrey

Do you remember the Thumper rule from the movie Bambi?  “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”  Wouldn’t it be great if Congress could follow a similar rule, “If you can’t do anything good, then don’t do anything at all.”  And after two years of TARP, Stimulus, and Obamacare, it’s hard to argue Congress has done any good.  When Obama took office the unemployment rate was below 8%, and now after all these wonderful bills have passed, it’s at a staggering 9%.     With an impending March 4th deadline on passing a budget, the choice for Republicans and Democrats is clear, compromise and pass a budget, or hold the line and let the government shutdown.  Maybe, just maybe, a good long government shutdown is what we need!
Take a look at Obama’s current budget proposal.  It has more in common with a Sci-Fi original movie than it does a plan to win the future.  Think, Sharktopus versus Spend-o-Saurus.  At the rate this administration has been spending money, the government would have to be shut down for a long time to make up for the billions they’ve wasted in our tax dollars.  And if they shut down for long enough, maybe they’ll stop sending out unemployment checks and send some of these bums in the welfare lines into the job lines!  Having to pull yourself up by your boot-straps, now that’s a real stimulus.
That’s just wishful thinking though, it seems that the Democrats, establishment Republicans, and mainstream media have all collaborated to spread the word like Henny Penny, that a government shutdown is bad and will cause the sky to fall.  Speaker Boehner, one of the self-described “adults” in Washington, is working on convincing the unruly class of freshman House Republicans, who I’m sure he views as impetuous children, to compromise on their spending cuts.  Meanwhile, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer play the Republicans like a fiddle, ensuring that even though they refused to bend at all on cuts, it will look like the Republicans are the ones to blame.  And Obama?   Well, good luck figuring out where he stands on any of this, it’s about as clear as his stance on the uprising in the Middle East.
There is still some hope, a report released by the National Journal earlier this week showed that Congress is now the most polarized ever.  In media-speak , that’s a bad thing, but let me translate, there are now less moderates than ever before, the new crop of House Republicans are true conservatives who are there to get things done.  If they hold the line and send Boehner and his compromise off to a corner to cry, the Democrats will have to cave or shut the government down.  For once, the ball’s in their court.
If Conservatives win this battle, it will be the first in a long streak of victories in the war for this country’s survival.  If we lose this battle, then we will lose the battle over the debt ceiling, we will lose the battle over healthcare repeal, and we will lose this country.  Make no mistake, the battle over the budget is as important as the battle of Gettysburg.  In 1987, Ronald Reagan stood at the gates of the Berlin Wall and said, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!”  If he were here today, I think you would hear him say, “Speaker Boehner, shut this government down!”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Raising Cain: The Untold Story of the GOP's last best hope Herman Cain

By Les Dowrey

It was the untold story of the last weekend’s New Hampshire straw poll, Herman Cain, Tea Party member and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, beat out Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, Mitch Daniels, and Newt Gingrich. All with virtually no press coverage and no establishment support. With that strong of a showing in the poll, it is time conservatives and the media start giving Herman Cain a better look, and comparing him to the other potential 2012 Republican candidates.

Herman Cain was born and raised by working class parents in rural Georgia. He’s had experience in both the private and public sector, first working for the Department of the Navy before become the CEO of struggling pizza chain, Godfather’s Pizza. In just 14 months Cain was able to turn the company around and shortly after that was able to purchase the company from Pillsbury. As if that weren’t enough, in 1994 Herman Cain singlehandedly changed the debate on Hillary-Care when he confronted Bill Clinton at a town hall meeting in Kansas City. In just one question he was able to do more damage to Universal Healthcare than the entire Republican Party did the past two years when taking on Obama-care. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself.

Compare Herman Cain and his successes to the current list of potential 2012 rivals, starting with Sarah Palin who the media has already picked as their choice for the Republican nomination. The media’s obsession with everything Sarah Palin says continually raises her to a level of prominence in the Republican Party and the Tea Party which she has hardly earned. And why elevate her to such a position? Because the media, like everyone else, knows that she will lose to Barack Obama. The liberal media’s agenda is to see Obama re-elected. Don’t forget that. I know that is hard to hear for several of the Palin fans out there who follow her on Facebook and Twitter like a teenage girl follows Justin Bieber, but let’s look at the facts. Sarah Palin is a half-term governor with enormously high unfavorable ratings who is clearly unable to articulate a clear conservative argument without being spoon-fed by a softball interviewer. Add on top of that her clear interest in making money and starring in Reality TV shows over fighting for conservative values. There is no stronger evidence of her lack of commitment to conservatism and the tea party than her endorsement of John McCain over J.D. Hayworth. Sure you can say she was paying John McCain back for the V.P. nomination, but in my humble opinion, values are always more important than paying someone back. The “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine” mentality is exactly what’s wrong with Washington D.C. in the first place.

What about the other candidates? Romney? Good luck with healthcare repeal when the GOP candidate is the guy who wrote the “Obama-care” playbook. They used his Massachusetts experiment as a basis for their mandate, and let’s not forget his previous liberal positions (pro-choice, pro-gay marriage.) Gingrich? The guy that shares the same climate change beliefs as Al Gore, and was for Barack Obama’s success before he was against it. Pawlenty? It’s seriously unsettling how bad he wants to be President. It’s obvious he will do and say anything to sit in the Oval Office. Did you see how fast he threw Sarah Palin under the bus for her “crosshairs” map? Huckabee? When Mike Huckabee’s not busy commuting the sentences of known murderers and rapists, he is supporting Michelle Obama’s nanny-state agenda about what our children eat. The list goes on and on, and the more you dive into the record of each potential Republican candidate the more you find that nobody’s perfect. Nobody except Herman Cain. I defy you to find one liberal position this man has ever taken.

Herman Cain is a by-the-book, tried-and-true Tea Party conservative who has had success in both the private and public sector. He has not donated thousands of dollars to other politicians in the party in hopes of future support because he does not play political games. As a matter of fact, we need Herman Cain as our 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate because of the one thing he is not a politician. And he’s the only one in the potential Republican field who can say that.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Art of Infraction

By Les Dowrey
“Pick a card, any card.” A phrase no magician should leave home without.  Think of the wonder and amazement you had the first time you saw an illusionist.  How did they do that?  Was it truly magic?  However, the older you get, the more you realize that all that glitters is not gold, and the less magical those tricks suddenly become.  After all, it was just a trick, just a sleight-of-hand movement.  The magician used to be the master of the art of distraction, but unfortunately that is no longer the case. 
The new magicians work on Capitol Hill and they are better than ever.  Take for example the recent tragic shooting in Tucson.  After a flurry of speculation on what exactly “civility” means, the national conversation has turned towards gun control.  As Tom Coburn and Chuck Schumer argue over how to find common ground on keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill, there is a much more sinister plot underway.  The gun control debate is just the distraction.  While the NRA, Tea Party patriots, and conservatives are up in arms over the erosion of their second amendment right, the Democrats along with their RINO cohorts are conjuring up legislation to destroy the first amendment.
Representative Robert Brady, a Democrat from Pennsylvania is already drafting legislation that he says would outlaw not only language that would be perceived as threatening to a member of Congress, but also any symbols that could be interpreted that way.  Think of what that means?  For years, Big Brother has been trying to pass hate speech law after hate speech law, and with the tragic shooting in Tucson the government just might have the ammunition they need to get a bill through the House and Senate. 
If you think that the Republicans having control of the House will prevent this from passing, then I urge you to take a look at how quickly they have retreated on Obamacare.  First they postponed the vote on healthcare for a week after the shooting, as if a vote on healthcare repeal would be too uncivilized, and then when the Republicans finally got around to it they have stopped calling the bill a job-killer.  Now I realize that by the time this is posted the Republicans will be well on their way to passing healthcare repeal in the house, and for that they should be applauded.  However, when it comes to the war on Free Speech, the Republicans lost the minute they capitulated and changed their language. 
Even if this law doesn’t pass, the new magicians in Congress may not even need a new law to limit our free speech.  Just like magicians have mastered the art of distraction, the politicians have mastered the art of infraction, slowly chipping away at our rights without the public even noticing.  Think about how political correctness has already restricted our everyday language.  This new “civil” tone could become just as damaging to our first amendment right.  Yet with a serious threat to the dearest of rights, the only Republican standing their ground is Sarah Palin.  At this time when the threat to free speech is so real, it is in her immortal words I urge you, “Don’t Retreat, Reload.”  And you don’t have to be civil about it either.

A Message from Les Dowrey

Regarding the recent shootings in Arizona and the effect they will actually have.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Message From Les Dowrey

After all the hate-mail and negative reaction I've gotten from my "Man with the Golden Hand-out" editorial, I thought it was time to respond with a personal message to my critics.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hate Mail Grab Bag

It’s been less than 24 hours since I posted the “Man with the Golden Hand Out” and already they are threatening to ban me from different conservative forums and the hate-mail is coming in.  Just further proof that there are very few true conservatives left in the world. 
Update:  This just in- Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, is headed to rehab.  Told you so.

Here’s the hate-mail:
 You sound dreary.
Let a little sunshine into your life and believe that people can change.
The only downside will be that if he goes back on drugs, you'll lose that wonderful "I told you so!" moment.
But really that moment is dreary too. “

My Response:  Really…let’s see how this feels- “I Told You So!”  Yep, that’s what I thought it felt pretty good.

“Twenty years ago I was a homeless alcoholic. Bankrupt in every aspect of my life. Today I'm a sober, employed, married, mortgage paying member of society.”

My Response:  Good for you.  Ted Williams is not…he’s in rehab.

“Guess you must feel the same way about Glenn Beck. Sad that you can’t see the positive in these types of stories.”

“If Saul, a man who boasted of his persecution of Christians, could have his "Damascus Road Moment" through a face-to-face encounter with The Holy One of God, Jesus Christ, then is it not possible for Ted Williams to have his redemption in the form of this situation?
Still, there is the fact that it isn't necessarily whether or not someone has that moment of redemption, or a way out of the muck and mire... it's what that person does with the opportunity. Time, and Mr. Williams' actions, will tell.”

My Response:  If he was on the road to Damascus, then now he’s on the road to the Betty Ford Center.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Man With The Golden Hand-out

By Les Dowrey

By now you know the story of the “man with the golden voice.”   After an online video was posted of Ted Williams showing off his velvety-smooth dulcet tones, the media and the public worked themselves into a flurry of emotion over a faux rags-to-riches story.  Despite the fact that Ted Williams hasn’t had a job in almost two decades, the job offers have come pouring in from the Cleveland Cavaliers to MSNBC.  Before you start getting that warm feeling in your stomach and thinking that this is the stuff Hallmark movies are made of, ask yourself this question, how many other qualified voice-over artists could have taken these positions?  And how many of those people actually dedicated the past twenty years to hard work and dedication as opposed to drug use, petty theft, and public urination? 
As uncouth as it may sound, that’s the real story of Ted Williams.  After a brief stint in the military and some time attending a school for voice acting, Williams started working for a Columbus, Ohio radio station.  With his natural-born gifts it appeared that he was on the start of a promising broadcasting career.  That was until 1993 when “the man with the golden voice” threw it all away to begin experimenting with crack cocaine.  According to the Smoking Gun it was during this time that he starting racking up a pretty lengthy wrap-sheet for theft, robbery, forgery, and drug possession among other crimes.  Not to mention, that he is the father of nine children whom he has neglected in exchange for a life on the streets.  After all that, he is being rewarded with a promising voice-over career while others who have worked much harder are overlooked for a drug-addled bum who happened to be at the right place at the right time?
It’s not that I begrudge anyone a second chance, but there’s a huge difference between looking for redemption and being given a hand out.  Worst of all, this is just the latest symptom in an epidemic that is sweeping the country-people who become famous just for being famous.  Think Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, or the chief offenders, the cast of the Jersey Shore.  The United States used to be a country of proud hard-working people who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, but now Americans want all the success with none of the, dare I say it- work.  What has happened to the American Dream? What has become of the world where Horatio Alger made us believe that through hard work and dedication you can achieve anything. No longer is that the American way, the new American Dream is: have fun, shun responsibility, and if people like you, you can get whatever you want…spoon-fed to you on a sliver platter.
A recent news report showed that teenage girls would rather try and get pregnant so they can end up on an MTV reality show than try and get a scholarship and apply themselves in school.  If that’s the lesson kids get from “16 and Pregnant” can you imagine the lesson they get from “the homeless man with the golden voice?”  Quit your job, do drugs, keep your hand out and eventually you’ll end up announcing the Today Show. 
Worst of all, as the media always does, there will not be a follow-up story.   Everyone knows how this story ends because everyone knows that a tiger doesn’t change its stripes, and a hobo doesn’t leave the streets.  When the inevitable happens, when this golden-voiced homeless man returns to his drug habit, when he loses his dream job and throws away his second chance, there will be no one around to tell that story.  Saddest of all, Ted Williams won’t even make it through his full fifteen minutes. But that’s ok, you can bet the next flash in the pan, feel good, youtube moment is only a click away.   

The Bill of Un-Rights

by Les Dowrey

Despite the “Second Bill of Rights” that King Roosevelt tried to implement in the 40’s, the following are not rights and have been made up by the Liberals and the Lamestream Media
1)      There is no Right to Privacy

2)      There is no Right to Healthcare

3)      There is no Right to Marriage

4)      There is no Right to a Fair Wage

5)      There is no Right to Social Security

So the next time one of your Liberal friends brings up one of these so-called “rights” in conservation, ask them where that is found in the Constitution.  They won’t have an answer.  And by the way, what are you doing hanging out with Liberals anyway?

The Virtues and Values Pledge

1)       I will not take any Government Handouts- this includes Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Pell Grants, Unemployment Pay, etc.  If I don’t earn it I don’t take it.

2)       I am proud to be politically incorrect

3)       If anyone ever comes for my guns they will have to pry them from my cold dead hands

4)       I am not interested in speaking Spanish in my own Country.  This is America, and we speak English.

5)       I am not interested in a “truce” on social issues and am proud to be a social conservative

6)       I do not trust the Government and will fight against Big Brother whenever they violate my rights

7)       I believe in American exceptionalism and do not feel like we owe the World an apology.  

8)       I am not a “citizen of the World.”

9)       I firmly believe in Capitalism and that the free market should be allowed to regulate itself.  Government regulations of any kind do not help.

10)   I know that this country was founded on Christian values by Christian men no matter what the revisionist historians and lame-stream media say, and will raise my family to know the truth about this country’s founding.

11)   I will keep and maintain multiple copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Holy Bible not just in my home, but also on my person at all times in the event that the government tries to suppress the truth about these documents.

12)   I am proud to support the troops, and believe the U.S. Military is the greatest fighting force for good the World has ever seen.  At the same time, I do not feel like the military should be used to police the world.

13)   Just because I respect the office of the Presidency, does not mean I respect the President.

14)   I believe that RINO’s and Tea Pansies (Republicans who pretend to be Tea Party Members) can be just as big a threat to our Democracy as liberals and the Democratic Party.

15)   I will always fight for the Virtues and Values of this great Country I believe in.


Les Dowrey

Stand up for Virtues and Values!  Let's prove there's more of "us" than of "them."  To sign this pledge electronically and have your name added to the list e-mail   If you would like you can also request a signed copy of the pledge from Les Dowrey.  Repost this pledge on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and encourage others to sign and take the Virtues and Values Pledge.