Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hate Mail Grab Bag

It’s been less than 24 hours since I posted the “Man with the Golden Hand Out” and already they are threatening to ban me from different conservative forums and the hate-mail is coming in.  Just further proof that there are very few true conservatives left in the world. 
Update:  This just in- Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, is headed to rehab.  Told you so.

Here’s the hate-mail:
 You sound dreary.
Let a little sunshine into your life and believe that people can change.
The only downside will be that if he goes back on drugs, you'll lose that wonderful "I told you so!" moment.
But really that moment is dreary too. “

My Response:  Really…let’s see how this feels- “I Told You So!”  Yep, that’s what I thought it felt pretty good.

“Twenty years ago I was a homeless alcoholic. Bankrupt in every aspect of my life. Today I'm a sober, employed, married, mortgage paying member of society.”

My Response:  Good for you.  Ted Williams is not…he’s in rehab.

“Guess you must feel the same way about Glenn Beck. Sad that you can’t see the positive in these types of stories.”

“If Saul, a man who boasted of his persecution of Christians, could have his "Damascus Road Moment" through a face-to-face encounter with The Holy One of God, Jesus Christ, then is it not possible for Ted Williams to have his redemption in the form of this situation?
Still, there is the fact that it isn't necessarily whether or not someone has that moment of redemption, or a way out of the muck and mire... it's what that person does with the opportunity. Time, and Mr. Williams' actions, will tell.”

My Response:  If he was on the road to Damascus, then now he’s on the road to the Betty Ford Center.


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