Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shut This Government Down, Please!

By Les Dowrey

Do you remember the Thumper rule from the movie Bambi?  “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”  Wouldn’t it be great if Congress could follow a similar rule, “If you can’t do anything good, then don’t do anything at all.”  And after two years of TARP, Stimulus, and Obamacare, it’s hard to argue Congress has done any good.  When Obama took office the unemployment rate was below 8%, and now after all these wonderful bills have passed, it’s at a staggering 9%.     With an impending March 4th deadline on passing a budget, the choice for Republicans and Democrats is clear, compromise and pass a budget, or hold the line and let the government shutdown.  Maybe, just maybe, a good long government shutdown is what we need!
Take a look at Obama’s current budget proposal.  It has more in common with a Sci-Fi original movie than it does a plan to win the future.  Think, Sharktopus versus Spend-o-Saurus.  At the rate this administration has been spending money, the government would have to be shut down for a long time to make up for the billions they’ve wasted in our tax dollars.  And if they shut down for long enough, maybe they’ll stop sending out unemployment checks and send some of these bums in the welfare lines into the job lines!  Having to pull yourself up by your boot-straps, now that’s a real stimulus.
That’s just wishful thinking though, it seems that the Democrats, establishment Republicans, and mainstream media have all collaborated to spread the word like Henny Penny, that a government shutdown is bad and will cause the sky to fall.  Speaker Boehner, one of the self-described “adults” in Washington, is working on convincing the unruly class of freshman House Republicans, who I’m sure he views as impetuous children, to compromise on their spending cuts.  Meanwhile, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer play the Republicans like a fiddle, ensuring that even though they refused to bend at all on cuts, it will look like the Republicans are the ones to blame.  And Obama?   Well, good luck figuring out where he stands on any of this, it’s about as clear as his stance on the uprising in the Middle East.
There is still some hope, a report released by the National Journal earlier this week showed that Congress is now the most polarized ever.  In media-speak , that’s a bad thing, but let me translate, there are now less moderates than ever before, the new crop of House Republicans are true conservatives who are there to get things done.  If they hold the line and send Boehner and his compromise off to a corner to cry, the Democrats will have to cave or shut the government down.  For once, the ball’s in their court.
If Conservatives win this battle, it will be the first in a long streak of victories in the war for this country’s survival.  If we lose this battle, then we will lose the battle over the debt ceiling, we will lose the battle over healthcare repeal, and we will lose this country.  Make no mistake, the battle over the budget is as important as the battle of Gettysburg.  In 1987, Ronald Reagan stood at the gates of the Berlin Wall and said, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall!”  If he were here today, I think you would hear him say, “Speaker Boehner, shut this government down!”


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