Monday, March 14, 2011

Politico writes about Les Dowrey's interview with Governor Huckabee!

Everyone's talking about my interview with Mike Huckabee, even Politico!  Check out this great article from Juana Summers on, where she covers the interview and what Governor Huckabee had to say about Herman Cain!

Huck likes The Hermanator


Mike Huckabee says he could end up in Herman Cain's corner.  “I like Herman a lot," Huckabee told a Kansas radio station Wednesday. "He and I are both big believers in the fair tax. Herman is a strong, free market guy, he’s a pro-life guy. I don't know of any issue on which he and I disagree."

Huckabee's comments " Huckabee to Les Dowrey of the Virtues and Values show came during his swing through the heartland to promote his latest book, "A Simple Government." While Huckabee said he likes Cain's positions, he also offered a little advice for the Atlanta businessman, so far the only presidential hopeful to launch an official exploratory committee.

"Raise more money than the other people, and that's the hard part," Huckabee said, alluding to his 2008 bid for the GOP nomination. "I found I was up against millions of dollars that people would spend money just to attack me. If I didn't have a good treasury, then I wasn't able to respond to those charges."  Asked if Herman Cain would get his vote, Huckabee stopped short of an endorsement.  "Of all the people that are being talked about, Herman Cain is certainly a great guy who I could support," he said."


Seeker said...

When is someone with a brain going to ask these do do birds about their farce tax.

Did you know that Farce tax has a trillion dollars in HIDDEN taxes they don't tell you about in their books, speeches, videos?

And these huge taxes are hidden in their fine print.

See the fine print--AND see Farce tax spokesmen try to explain why they hid it.

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