Monday, October 10, 2011

Preamble to a New Les Dowrey Life

Gone.  Everything was Gone.  After spending the past three years talking about victims of the Obama depression, I had become one.   Ever so slowly I watched as the local small business owners in my small mid-western town, crushed by over-taxation and burdensome regulation, had to shutter their doors one by one.  And as the local business owners began to vanish, so did the advertising dollars.  It wasn’t long before our independently owned, all-American, news talk station was purchased by a large company out of Mexico City.   My midday conservative talk show, Virtues and Values with Les Dowrey was replaced by Cumbia and Reggaeton music.  One more American job gone.

So there I was…jobless, penniless, and without healthcare.  What was I to do?  Should I file for unemployment, pretend to be disabled, stand in a line and wait for my Obama dollars to come through?  No….this is the time that separates the men from the boys, that separates Americans from Europeans.  It was time to pull myself up by bootstraps and get to work.

After searching far and wide for a new home for the Virtues and Values show it became quite obvious that every radio station in the country was having the same problem.   Companies just weren’t hiring, and so it was up to me to blaze my own trail.  Comforted by the thoughts of entrepreneurs who had previously been in my shoes, like Walt Disney, Sam Walton, and Andrew Carnegie, I pressed on, looking for that one good idea that was uniquely Les. 

That one good idea turned out to be the first conservative Tea Party cartoon.  Think of Family Guy, but from a conservative perspective…and the whole family can watch it!  For the past several months I’ve been hard at work assembling a team of conservative animators and writers and am proud to introduce to you the pilot episode of the “Les Dowrey Show.” 



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