Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Wrap on the CNN Debate

The Wrap on the CNN Debate

by Les Dowrey

A quick look at each candidate and how they performed at tonight’s National Security Debate courtesy of CNN and the Heritage Foundation.

Mitt Romney- Dammit! I hate to admit it, but Mitt Romney did very well tonight. His strategy of winning by not losing seems to be working. I have to keep telling myself that Obama was a good politician too, and look how that worked out! I still can’t see why the other GOP candidates haven’t taken more swings at the Front runner. I guess they are saving up all the attacks for Obama in the General, because unfortunately, right now…it looks like Romney is the guy.

Newt Gingrich- If you have ever wondered why Newt’s head is so big- tonight you know…It’s because of his HUGE BRAIN! Newt did awesome tonight…that was until he had a Rick Perry “heartless” moment and wrapped his arms around amnesty for illegal immigrants. Even going so far as calling illegal immigrants “Law abiding citizens.” C’Mon Newt! It was great until then.

Rick Perry- Could Rick Perry be back on the rise? If tonight’s debate was any indication you could be looking at the Iowa Caucus winner. Looked and felt like the Rick Perry conservatives fell in love with. He almost avoided the amnesty entanglement that Newt fell into, but for some reason decided to dive head in when given the opportunity. Amnesty is still Rick Perry’s Achilles heel. At one point, I felt that Newt and Rick should have been wearing sombreros! If he can stay away from that issue, you’re looking at a guy that could still beat Romney!

Herman Cain- Didn’t get enough air time or questions. Handled himself well and avoided any “Libya” moments, but obviously the economy is his thing. Probably the first and only debate he got through without mentioning his 9-9-9 plan. Can’t wait to see him when they get back to the economy debates!

Ron Paul- Ever wonder what Ron Paul was smoking before his debates? Well after his “Legalize it” answer we now know. I honestly don’t know how one guy can be so awesome on fiscal policy and so insane foreign policy. A true split personality that truly makes me wish for a Rand Paul candidacy!

Jon Huntsman- Being that I have no idea why this guy is still in the race at all, I have to give him credit for seeming relevant tonight. That is probably the best compliment I can give him. His “nation building” comments came across as more Michael Moore than Ronald Reagan, and his China love is still a little creepy.

Michelle Bachmann- Should seriously get a second look from the conservative base. A strong performance tonight, and unlike some of the other candidates she stayed focused on the main problem with the country- Barack Hussein Obama! Iowa, do yourself a favor, and take a good strong look at this lady one more time!

Rick Santorum- On paper, every conservative should love this guy, but something about him in debates is just annoying. As always, he came across as whiny, desperate, and dramatically over-stating his Senate career. Either way, he is a still a good guy with no chance of winning the nomination. Conservatives should really look at Bachmann and Cain as conservative alternatives with real potential!

Wolf Blitzer- Receives the douche bag of the night award for multiple awkward moments that included a horribly delivered joke about his name, an long uncomfortable silence during a technical difficulty, and referring to Herman Cain as “Congressman.” All that being said, he is head and shoulders above Scott Pelley or that Witch of a woman Maria Bartiromo.

National Anthem Guy- I know it was a debate, but can we all agree that the guy from Jersey Boys did the Broadway show no favors with his delivery of the Star Spangled Banner tonight? Can you say FLAT?

Finally, if you enjoyed watching the GOP Debate tonight, you will absolutely love the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show! Watch as Les Dowrey takes on the Animal Rights Group, PAMA, and shows how stupid animal rights activists really are! Plus unlike the GOP Debate, it’s only 5 minutes long, not 2 hours!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Episode Synopsis of the new conservative cartoon, The Les Dowrey Show

After proving how worthless foreign aid to Africa was, and teaching them how to fish instead of giving them a fish, Les Dowrey continues to fight the powers of liberalism wherever they may be, which has led him to the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City.

While broadcasting live from the middle of Zuccotti Park, Les Dowrey interviews several of the senseless protestors, only to discover that there is much more than meets the eye at Occupy Wall Street. The protestors are actually an army of unemployed Zombies.

With the help of his faithful sidekick, Captain Sully Sullenberger, and his trusted pet Bald Eagle, Gipper, Les Dowrey rounds up the Occupy Wall Street Protestors and takes them to the one place where there are no brains to eat…The Democrat National Convention.

Surprisingly, the zombies are embraced by the Democrats because after all, Dead people have been voting for them for years…they are just glad that they’ve decided to finally join them at the DNC. While at the new Zombie-filled convention, the Democrats get ready for their keynote speaker Nancy Pelosi, but is it really Nancy Pelosi or just another zombie? It’s really hard to tell…have you seen Nancy Pelosi!
And just like that, once again Les Dowrey saves the day with a good old fashioned conservative solution!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Mr. Cain Should Say

By Les Dowrey (A Proud Cainiac)

If you’re a Herman Cain fan, or as I’ve heard some people say a self-described Cainiac, you know it’s been a hard week for our beloved Hermanator. To make matters worse, Mr. Cain’s response to the quote-unquote “sexual harassment” charges has not been exactly cogent or consistent. With all that being said, make no mistake about it, all of us in the Herman Cain movement know a few things to be true.

First, Herman Cain is still the best contrast to Obama the GOP has, and truly might be the Tea Party’s last chance to stop a Mitt Romney nomination. Secondly, because Mr. Cain’s support comes from a true citizen’s movement and not from the establishment, Herman Cain represents a true threat to both the Democrat and Republican parties. Thirdly, the real reason that Mr. Cain’s response has been a bit muddled is because unlike all the other politicians in the race, Herman Cain is just an average American without a rapid response team or a political answer to every question. He hasn’t poll tested every response he can give, he doesn’t have a team of hired professional consultants who can go out on every talk show as surrogates defending him, and he doesn’t have anyone else telling him what to wear, how to think, or what his position should be on the issues. Herman Cain is just Herman Cain, and that’s why he still has the support he has, and it’s also why the media wants to take him down so badly.

Make no mistake about it, this attack on Herman Cain was perpetrated by Republican establishment figures (read Rick Perry and Mitt Romney), The Media, and the Democrat Party (read Rahm Emanuel) who have teamed up to stop this “outsider” and “interloper” from messing with their shell game. You really think the establishment cares that much if it’s a Romney, Perry, or Obama administration? I can assure you that each one of those presidencies would be more of the same!

Now with all that being said, I know the debate on November 9th is coming, and despite his desire to get “back on message” Herman Cain will still need a clear consistent answer he can deliver every time he is asked, and that’s something he just doesn’t have yet. Since the “Smoking Man” seems to be his only real adviser, and since Herman Cain seems more interested in what the people think, I present to you (in my humble opinion), what that answer should be.

“I know the past few weeks, there has been a lot said about me. I also know and admit that at times my answers and my responses were not as clear as they should have been, but let me tell you why. Like you’ve heard me say before, I got into this race for my grandkids, and I’m still in this race for them. I am not a politician, I have never been elected to public office, and I am damn proud of that fact. I am just a businessman. That is it. I have spent my life coming up with solutions and helping businesses solve their problems and grow. That is the experience I bring to the table and that is what I want to do for this country. I don’t have a rapid response team with a perfectly polled answer for everything. I don’t have a staff of highly paid political consultants whose job all day is to deflect, defend, and ensure that at the end of the day I stand for nothing else than being electable, and most importantly I don’t have a long list of big money donors who I have made promises to that I can’t keep. I am just a regular guy, who is innocent as charged, and who thinks he has a few common sense solutions that could help the United States once again become that shining city on a hill. Currently our military is engaged in three different conflicts around the world, our economy is slipping into another recession, and our deficit is growing at such a fast pace that there seriously may not be a United States of America in existence for our kids and grandkids. Don’t you think there are more important things to worry about than baseless accusations against Herman Cain? Because I sure do.”

I know I’m not a highly trained speechwriter with a degree in Political Science, but I have been thinking about this ever since the Politico hatchet job came out last week. This is also just one man’s opinion, but I really feel like this is the answer Herman Cain needs to give from here on out. If you know of someone involved in the Herman Cain campaign, please pass this along. And if you are a Herman Cain fan, please continue to support this great man and his campaign. The media is counting on you giving up on him, and if you do…they win!

Speaking of support, I recently launched a conservative cartoon called The Les Dowrey Show and we could use your support! If you haven’t done so please take a moment to watch the latest episode of the Les Dowrey show and give us your feedback!” It involves Occupy Wall Street and a Zombie Nancy Pelosi. What else do you need to know?