Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Wrap on the ABC Iowa Debate

A quick look at each candidate and how they performed at tonight’s Iowa Debate courtesy on ABC

Mitt Romney- Couldn’t tell if it was his Fake Tan or if he was just embarrassed after having his hat handed to him by Newt. Despite his best efforts, Mitt seemed uncomfortable, tense, and petty in every case. After hearing his answers on the individual mandate, immigration, and even Middle East relations, it begs the question how is this guy even at 25 percent in the polls? It appears that his strategy of winning by not losing has hit a bit of a speed bump named Newt Gingrich. Also placing a $10,000 bet on stage doesn’t help your “Gordon Gekko” like image.

Newt Gingrich- What can I say about Newt’s performance tonight- Bombastic, Brazen, Bold, take your pick. Newt delivered some great answers particularly when it came to the Middle East and his correct assertions that the Palestinians are an “invented people” and his marital problems in the past. Despite some weak moments like his continued attempts to paint illegal immigrants as anything other than lawbreakers, he had a strong performance tonight, and none of the other candidates were able to lay a glove on him. It’s obvious when it comes to intellectual aerobics Newt is head and shoulders above the rest.

That being said, the Tea Party should remember how quick Newt is to throw them under the bus (Paging Paul Ryan.) Newt has been a climate change advocate, a cap and trade supporter, a supporter of the individual mandate, a TARP supporter, a lobbyist, worked for Freddie Mac, and is the ultimate Washinton insider. Sure he’s a great speaker and wonderful debater, but so was OBAMA and see where that got us!

Rick Perry- Rick Perry continues to be on the rise! He looked great again tonight, avoided any “oops” moments, and had some great exchanges with Romney where he clearly exposed Willard’s biggest vulnerabilities and got the best of him. He still has some issues on immigration, but compared to the false conservatism of Newt and Mitt he looks like Barry Goldwater! The biggest question, is it too little too late?

Ron Paul- The one guy in the room who is equal parts libertarian genius, and crazy man. When it comes to the Federal Reserve and Government over-reach he is usually the only guy on stage that truly “gets it.” When it comes to foreign policy, the Middle East, and his isolationist policies, you just know in your gut that Ron Paul shouldn’t be taking any 3 am phone calls. Tonight was more of the same, but look out because he has fervent supporters and is currently running 3rd in Iowa. He’s got a better ground game than Newt and more enthusiasm than Mitt. Could we be looking at a surprise Iowa Caucus winner?

Michelle Bachmann- Another strong performance! She is clearly the most conservative candidate in the race, especially when compared to “Newt Romney” as she put it. If the Tea Party was serious about shaking up Washington and putting someone in the White House who represented our interest, we would all unite behind Michelle. Iowa, we’re looking at you!

Rick Santorum- Great guy…still just something about him that leaves one uninspired. He continues to give himself far too much credit for his short period of time in the Senate, but overall he had a good performance tonight, not as strong as Michelle Bachmann’s, but a good night.

Overall Take:

After watching Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney turn verbal somersaults all night long I was struck by 3 things-

1) There was enough Flip Flopping on the stage tonight from Newt Romney to give John Kerry pause.

2) Are Newt and Mitt really the best the GOP has to offer?

3) If you’re looking for a true conservative there are only 3 choices left, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann, and Ron Paul. And Ron Paul is clearly senile, so take your pick between the other two.

Finally, if you enjoyed watching the GOP Debate tonight, you will absolutely love the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show! Watch as Les Dowrey takes on the Animal Rights Group, PAMA, and shows how stupid animal rights activists really are! Plus unlike the GOP Debate, it’s only 5 minutes long, not 2 hours!

Watch the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show here!


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