Tuesday, January 3, 2012

7 Things the Iowa Caucuses Mean...and 3 Things All Conservatives Should See.

7 Things The Iowa Caucus Results Mean, and 3 Things all Conservatives Should See.

1) The Establishment has successfully co-opted the Tea Party.

Iowa is prime Tea Party territory (socially conservative, fiscally conservative, and grassroots oriented). If the voters in Iowa would not stand up to Mitt Romney and defeat the establishment no one will. By convincing voters that a Massachusetts Moderate is most electable against Barack Obama the GOP establishment has won.

2) Old School Politics still work.

Rick Santorum did things the old way, by going out, meeting voters, and persuading them to vote for him. Unlike some of the other candidates who discounted personal appearances in the state in lieu of new media and debate coverage.

3) Rick Santorum is about to face the firing squad.

As the new Anti-Romney, in a long string of Anti-Romney’s, Santorum is about to face the headwinds of Gingrich, Romney, Paul, Huntsman, and Perry all gunning for him on earmarks, voting for a huge government expansion, and endorsing Arlen Specter. The final Anti-Romney candidate will be taken down leaving it wide open for Willard.

4) Ron Paul will never win anything.

With all of his grassroots support, online fundraising, the best ground game in the state, and a disgruntled GOP Ron Paul couldn’t even pull off a second place finish.

5) Michelle Bachmann should just quit.

She says she is going to South Carolina, but to finish so abysmally after winning the Ames Straw Poll is just sad. That’s all- sad.

6) Mitt Romney is going to be the Nominee.

Santorum surged, but he surged too late. Romney is headed into New Hampshire with strong momentum and that will be the one-two punch the media will need to declare him the winner. As soon as that happens the narrative will overtake any chance anyone else has of winning.

7) Mitt Romney will lose to Barack Obama.

I hope you are ready for another 4 years of Obama. When Ron Paul has a chance to beat you, it is not a good sign that you have the support of your base. Add to that, for whatever reason, none of the GOP candidates have really gone after Romney yet. Instead they have torn each other down, playing right into Mitt Romney’s strategy of winning by not losing. Don’t worry… if the GOP won’t go after Mitt’s Flip Flops and John Kerry-like behavior, Barack Obama will be happy to. Look at the history of moderate GOP candidates who have been nominated like John McCain and Bob Dole. Oh yeah, tomorrow John McCain is endorsing Romney for President. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Finally, here are three things all Conservatives Should See.

Les Dowrey Goes to Africa, Episode 1

. Les Dowrey Occupies Wall Street, Episode 2

Les Dowrey vs. Animal Rights, Episode 3


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