Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Wrap On The ABC New Hampshire Debate

Usually I go candidate by candidate and talk about how they did, but there is no need tonight. If you ever disagreed with the thought that “this is a weak Republican field” you need look no further than tonight’s debate. Weakness was all over that stage, especially when it came to attacking Mitt Romney! I really thought after Iowa and Rick Santorum’s essential “tie” with Mitt that tonight would have played out much different.

Tonight was the night to take Mitt down! Tonight was the night we had a real champion in Rick Santorum! Finally the conservatives and the tea party have a candidate they can rally behind as the “anti-Romney,” but no instead of rally together and take down the biggest threat to the GOP- Willard, the candidates once again decided to tear each other down.

Sure…it’s easy and tempting to take on Ron Paul. With his loony foreign policy beliefs he makes a hell of a piƱata, but what’s the point? He is not going to be the nominee. He is no chance of being the nominee, and so any time taking him on is just wasted time that could be spent taking on the Mitt-Flopper.

Let’s face it there are two viable options for conservatives still- Newt and Santorum. Bachmann’s supporters have to go somewhere, and Perry is just not going to make it. Huntsman is a joke, which is ironic because he is so bad at telling them during debates, but all the same this leaves the GOP primary voters with 3 choices; Newt, Rick, or Mitt.

As I watched the debate tonight I kept thinking to myself is the Republican party really about to nominate the Author of Obamacare as the GOP Standard Bearer. The lover of mandates, the self-confessed Non-Reaganite, the Republican John Kerry, this guy is about to be our nominee?

The only reason I can think this would be is that the base has begun to believe the Mainstream Media and their line of b.s. that Mitt Romney is the most electable Republican. Even if that is the case, are we willing to sacrifice our principle for the sake of winning an election? If that is the case, that is a party I no longer want to be a member of.

The Tea Party should not have come all this way to have a liberal like Mitt Romney be the nominee. If that happens, it will be proof of one of two things; either it is true that the Establishment has won and the Tea Party has lost…or the Tea Party is made up of flip floppers just like Mitt who are willing to do the politically beneficial thing at the politically beneficial moment, no matter what the morals or beliefs are.

Make no mistake, Mitt Romney will lose to Barack Obama. That is why the media is rooting for Mitt. Like it or not, Barack Obama is a man of principle (granted his principles are socialism, cronyism, and political thug tactics), but you cannot deny Barack Obama has a core politicial belief system. Mitt Romney is a chameleon with no principle. Americans at the end of the day will go with the man they know who actually has a “core.” Even if that core is rotten. People respect principle and so should the Tea Party.

Let’s hope tomorrow morning, all the candidates have decided to focus on the two main enemies of Freedom this country now has- Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Conservatives should unite now. Preferably behind Rick Santorum. Because if Mitt wins, conservatives will only have one principle vote left to make- Gary Johnson as the Libertarian Nominee, who is atleast a consistent conservative compared to Willard.

Because the truth is, if you vote for Mitt Romney for President, you will have sacrificed all the principles conservatives stand for and have voted for a Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Global Warming, Anti-Reagan, Anti-Gun, Massachusetts Moderate Pragmatist who will changes his opinions along with the political winds, and look for the first possible opportunity he has to “reach across the aisle” to Democrats and prove he’s a “nice guy.” That’s what he did as Governor of Massachusetts and that’s what he’ll do as President. And you know the saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...well if you EVER and I mean EVER vote for Romney you are already a fool!

Finally, if you enjoyed watching the GOP Debate tonight, you will absolutely love the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show! Watch as Les Dowrey takes on the Animal Rights Group, PAMA, and shows how stupid animal rights activists really are! Plus unlike the GOP Debate, it’s only 5 minutes long, not 2 hours!

Watch the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show here!


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