Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Wrap on the NBC Facebook Debate

So last night after an unusually drab and downbeat article about the ABC debate, I am feeling a little better today. Finally the GOP candidates took on Mitt Romney in several ways that found him defending Gay Rights, Working across the aisle with Democrats, his liberal Massachusetts record, and funding programs for the poor. That being said, after a debate like this where even Jon Huntsman got the better of Mitt Romney if the Mitt train can’t be stopped now, I don’t think it will be.
The good news is that because of Mitt Romney’s huge polling lead in New Hampshire and because it’s his home state, a win here will be essentially meaningless and ignored by the media. If he wins big…it will be expected. If he wins by a small margin and there is a close second place it will seem like a loss for Mitt and a sign that he can’t close the deal. Which means that everything rests on South Carolina.

South Carolina. I’ve never looked forward to a primary so much. Finally, a military state, a conservative state, a state where independents, moderates, and democrats don’t have any influence. It really is a pity that the first in the south state, isn’t the first state. It is really far more representative of the Republican electorate than Iowa or New Hampshire.

However, this is it. South Carolina is the Republicans last stand. This is where we can unite behind a Santorum, a Gingrich, or a Perry. The question is whom do we back. After today’s debate and after his performance in Iowa, I still think it is clear Santorum is the guy. Sure he backed some ear mars, sure he supported George Bush’s Medicare Expansion, but compared to the sins against conservatism of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, he looks like Jesse Helms. And about Perry, well, he really should have bowed out after his poor Iowa showing. He is the Fred Thompson of this race, and we remember that the only thing Fred Thompson actually accomplished during his presidential run was ensuring McCain won South Carolina. A role Perry does not want and should not want to play.

I cannot stress enough that even after a debate like today’s where Mitt was left bruised and bloodied after finally being under attack, that unless the conservatives and tea party unite around one candidate, Mitt will win! Rick Santorum is the Tea Party’s Last Best Hope, and in order to get from here to the nomination, we need more debates like today where the GOP stands up to the Mitt Flopper.

Finally, if you enjoyed watching the GOP Debate today, you will absolutely love the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show! Watch as Les Dowrey takes on the Animal Rights Group, PAMA, and shows how stupid animal rights activists really are! Plus unlike the GOP Debate, it’s only 5 minutes long, not an hour and a half!

Watch the new episode of the Les Dowrey Show here!


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