The Enemies List

This is a list of the Top Ten biggest Enemies to Freedom right now.  This list is subject to change and is constantly updated as the freedom of this country is constantly under threat by numerous forces.

10) Mitch Daniels- Only number 10 on the list right now, but if the Establishment Republicans have their way and this guy gets the Republican nomination for President, he will move much higher on the list.  These are the kinds of Republican’s we need less of.  With demands of a “truce” on social issues, and an instinct to immediately withdraw on any bedrock conservative issues to make peace with the liberals, Mitch Daniels is the just the thing the GOP needs to make sure Obama gets four more years.

9)  Nancy Pelosi- Skeletor never looked so scary.   She had been number 2 on the list, but thanks to November and her becoming House “Minority” leader she can do far less damage than she used to.  Still in her short tenure (shortest ever in history) as Speaker of the House she did lasting damage to America.

8) Lisa Murkowski- Since the Tea Party defeated her in the Republican Primary, it’s almost as if she has an ax to grind against the conservative movement and that makes her one dangerous Senator.  She was the only Republican in the lame-duck to vote for Obama’s entire wish list, including DADT Repeal, a tax-cut compromise, the START deal, and the DREAM act.

7)  Scott Brown- He was the first of the Tea Pansies.  He used the Tea Party and their money to get elected and as soon as he was in office, completely reverted course.  With votes for DADT Repeal, Financial Reform, and his constantly putting down the Tea Party he would make Ted Kennedy proud.

6) Oprah- It’s not just politicians that are ruining our country, it’s also those in the media who can change our culture in a negative way.  From the moment she endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States, Oprah has been on a rampage of cultural destruction.  On her brand new OWN network, one of the first moves she made was to hire Rosie O’Donnell.  If that isn’t bad for the country I don’t know what is. 

5) The Clintons- Between Hillary bungling our affairs all over the World, and Bill Clinton continuing to remind us of why he was such a horrible President in the first place, these two remain in the Top 5 on the Enemies list.  Only one question remains, “Will these two please just go away?”

4) Harry Reid- Just like the Toby Keith song, “I Ain’t As Good As I Once Was,” Harry Reid’s influence has definitely weakened after last November’s elections, but he is still the Majority leader of the Senate, and as we learned in November when he stole the election from Sharon Angle, he’s not afraid to use dirty tricks to get the results he wants.

3) Charles Schumer- Make no mistake about it, Charles Schumer is the real Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate.  Harry Reid might be the figurehead, but in every area where Reid is effete and ineffectual, Chuck Schumer is as effective as they come.  That’s what makes him dangerous, he has the know-how and ability to wield power in the Senate and accomplish much of his dangerous agenda. 

2) George Soros- The money behind the Liberal movement.  As long as George Soros is around there will always be a, a well-funded DNC, and a strong Liberal contender for the White House.

1) Barack Hussein Obama- At best this guy is Jimmy Carter the Sequel, unfortunately Jimmy Carter did not have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to help him drive this Country off the rails.