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Virtues and Values Pledge

1) I will not take any Government Handouts- this includes Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Pell Grants, Unemployment Pay, etc. If I don’t earn it I don’t take it.
2) I am proud to be politically incorrect
3) If anyone ever comes for my guns they will have to pry them from my cold dead hands
4) I am not interested in speaking Spanish in my own Country. This is America, and we speak English.
5) I am not interested in a “truce” on social issues and am proud to be a social conservative
6) I do not trust the Government and will fight against Big Brother whenever they violate my rights
7) I believe in American exceptionalism and do not feel like we owe the World an apology.
8) I am not a “citizen of the World.”
9) I firmly believe in Capitalism and that the free market should be allowed to regulate itself. Government regulations of any kind do not help.
10) I know that this country was founded on Christian values by Christian men no matter what the revisionist historians and lame-stream media say, and will raise my family to know the truth about this country’s founding.
11) I will keep and maintain multiple copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Holy Bible not just in my home, but also on my person at all times in the event that the government tries to suppress the truth about these documents.
12) I am proud to support the troops, and believe the U.S. Military is the greatest fighting force for good the World has ever seen. At the same time, I do not feel like the military should be used to police the world.
13) Just because I respect the office of the Presidency, does not mean I respect the President.
14) I believe that RINO’s and Tea Pansies (Republicans who pretend to be Tea Party Members) can be just as big a threat to our Democracy as liberals and the Democratic Party.
15) I will always fight for the Virtues and Values of this great Country I believe in.

Les Dowrey

Stand up for Virtues and Values!  Let's prove there's more of "us" than of "them."  To sign this pledge electronically and have your name added to the list e-mail lesdowrey@gmail.com.   If you would like you can also request a signed copy of the pledge from Les Dowrey.  Repost this pledge on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and encourage others to sign and take the Virtues and Values Pledge.